DSC03244In order to achieve our mission of promoting, supporting and facilitating research in the Maliau Basin Conservation Area and its surrounding forest areas we have specified following objectives:

  • to enhance research activities and hence, the protection of the Maliau Basin Conservation Area and its surrounding areas or other similar areas within the region;
  • to acquire knowledge on the ‘value’ of protected tropical rainforest area, using the Maliau Basin Conservation Area as model;
  • to optimise the use of the Maliau Basin Field Research Centre thereby enhancing the understanding of biodiversity and its value within the tropical rainforest which may lead to better and more effective management;
  • to facilitate and provide the necessary information toward ensuring public awareness, thereby enhancing wider and deeper understanding of the importance of the tropical rainforests of the world;
  • to foster the transfer of technology and academic resources between Nordic countries and Malaysia with regard to tropical rainforest restoration, conservation and economic valuation;
  • to consolidate and exchange information and expertise among the tropical rainforest research scientists from the Nordic countries and collaborating institutions in order to enhance and coordinate mutual efforts in tropical rainforest research;
  • to teach, train and expose the younger generation, in particular from the Nordic countries, on the global importance of tropical rainforest;
  • to provide opportunities for young people from Sabah to further enhance their scientific, technical and managerial capabilities in managing tropical rainforests; and
  • while this collaboration encourages Nordic participation, in view of the historical linkage between Maliau Basin Conservation Area and the Nordic countries, it shall in no way restrict participation by other organisations, institutions or individuals regardless of their place of origin.
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